Taking a “Whole Different Direction”

November 10, 2013


Jan Thomas, Toledo City Paper

Tom Lingeman, veteran artist and head honcho of the UT sculpture department, has long been known for his bronze and steel sculptures and towering monuments. Saturday, November 16 until Saturday, December 14, the Secor Gallery will hold an exhibit of his work made specifically for this show. Inspired by events in his life, including a medical wake up call, his being in Germany on VE Day, major construction on the road that he lives on and his little dog, Tallie, Lingeman has created this new work. The show, entitled, Warning Signs, features work created in media new to him, including sculpted plaster, autonomic sign-like paintings, drawings, and two digital video loops called “a walk in the park,” one filmed from a rented wheelchair in NYC’s Central Park and the other from a stroller in Washington DC. Lingeman explains, “[my work has] taken a whole different direction. It’s all new work, it’s all experimental.”
Tom Lingeman has shown internationally and has permanent local installations in the Juvenile Justice Center, Sylvania’s Olander Park  and at the University of Toledo.

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