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Adam L Sanzenbacher


August 15, 2018 - September 15, 2018

Within the multiverse exists an infinite number of realities, with an infinite number of possibilities. Anything we can fathom exists.

But does the act of imagining conjure them into existence, or dictate their trajectory? 

In quantum physics, the Observer Effect states that the act of observation alters the behavior of the particles that are being observed.

By applying this to a macro scale, Is “everything” a construct of consciousness?

Does “reality” only exists because it was considered? 


These queries provide the conceptual framework for Adam Sanzenbacher's new exhibition, nu//ark_informed/futures.

Each piece  - of glass, metal, and organic material  - represents  a glimpse into a fabricated alternate reality, where the process of the work's conception may have modified parallel timelines.


The work in the exhibition will be in a state of perpetual evaluation from the time initial reception to its culmination with the fully realized concepts being displayed on the night of the closing.  


Adam L. Sanzenbacher graduated from Ohio State University in 2010 with a BFA in Drawing and Painting. Now working primarily in three-dimensional work, including metal, ceramics, wood, and glass, he has exhibited throughout the Midwest as well as in North Carolina.



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