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Ben Schonberger 
Beautiful Pig

A limited number of First Editions of Beautiful Pig are available for purchase through River House Arts 

The book is extraordinary because it manifests Schonberger’s unraveled quest for social collaboration that lead to this book, which I see as a detection to a much more complex problem, one which is accurate and current. I see this book as a metaphor, which provokes my spinning mind into the current enigma of violence and stimulates me to further thinking, therefore deserving my special jury mention. - Anouk Kruithof, The Anamorphosis Prize: 2015 Jury Special Mention  

I am hard pressed to find a better example of the poetry that results in the convergence of art and long form journalism… Beautiful Pig honor(s) the memories and personal archives of Detroit's unsung public-sector heroes, revealing the faces and identities of the pension-holders who devoted their careers to the impossible job of holding up the pillars of law and order in a crumbling city. Will Steacy, Mother Jones

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