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The Marriage Manifesto


by Lou Krueger (Professor, School of Art, BGSU)


What is it?

Observations and reflections on the nature of love and relationships developed primarily, but not exclusively, for students in their twenties. (sixty-year olds have found it equally entertaining…or at least that’s what they tell me… so fear not…)


I am an artist–– not a psychologist, the Manifesto is as much a performance as it is anything else. My ideas are sometimes irreverent, possibly wrong-headed, but should keep you engaged long enough to realize that few of us know crap about love. We just like to think we do.



Nine years ago a handful of our graduating seniors asked me to grab a beer and share my thoughts on love and marriage with them. After a pretty crazy evening I went home that night and began the Marriage Manifesto. What started as a two-page, tongue-in-cheek document has grown each year to an ever expanding, more thoughtful fifteen-page manuscript and fifty-five minute presentation.


I have read the Manifesto on the steps of the Duomo in Florence, Italy, at BGSU (many times), Indiana University, Alfred University, Western Michigan and most recently at Penland School of Crafts. It’s been suggested times that I publish it or put it online but I think it works best in person with a live audience (as opposed to a dead one).


If you are easily offended or nervous about your upcoming nuptials this is probably not the talk for you. This presentation is rated R for graphic language, and UI for the occasional Unseemly Image (mental not physical).


Unsure? A small segment of the Marriage Manifesto, the Unruly Heart, is online at Check it out and see if it works for you.


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