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Troubling the Field | Touch in Contemporary Drawing
Brynn Higgins-Stirrup  Amie McNeel   Marina Kassianidou  Charles Kanswischer

Reception June 7, 6-8 PM 

 Drawing lives in the body, extending beyond language to play between tacit and explicit modes of knowing. In framing the world, drawing makes us aware of the frame itself. 


Drawing can be defined as a discipline that through its proximity to our bodies, experiences, and ideas functions more as a process of perception than a medium of representation. It exists at the threshold between immateriality and materiality. It is a trace and a trail to follow. A whisper of the phenomenal world. 


What can we learn from drawing? Can the process of drawing cultivate equanimity? Can it record and archive the steady conscious realization of reality’s transience?

Can drawing trouble our senses and help us to touch and be touched by the world around us with greater patience, intelligence, and love?

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