December 11 - January 29


Known for his high contrast visual movement and imaginary extensions of architecture, WC Bevan's free associative practices and self-reflective scenarios are rooted in an embrace of chance/change and a deep respect for regionally manifested folk art traditions. 

The Detroit based painter and muralist spent the summer of 2021 in Toledo working on the Glass City River Wall mural projects. In his downtime in local corporate housing - with limited space and time - Bevan turned to stamp carving, water color, and antique paper collecting.  These small works  in turn inspired larger, wood cutout paintings, resulting in a strong collection of  works portraying "sentiments of summers past: picking sun warmed fruits, dealing with midwestern clowns, walking Metropark

trails, and existing 100 feet in the air (silo mural)."

Main Gallery 


Bull Yrami Large - 63cmH x 60cmL x 62cmW.jpg

Ritual Relations

Theo Brooks

Exquisitely crafted sculptural glass by British-born artist Theo Brooks, a 2021 MFA graduate from Bowling Green State University, is inspired by deep research into the use and creation of artifacts found in Cyprus from around 2000BC. Brooks delves into his personal Cypriot cultural identity by reimagining and reinventing faux ritual objects.  “The reinvented objects allow me to discover a part of my heritage that I have been removed from, whilst going back even further into these ancient practices to unknown and mysterious 'spaces'. The reinvention of some of these objects reflect a culture gone and remembered through the objects they made. Visual clues and associations to ritual in the work allows one to believe they could be objects of ‘contemporary antiquity’ and ceremonially used by an unknown past or future culture.”

Gallery Two