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Art Sales and Rentals

​​To help you locate and live with artwork you love, we offer:


  •  A network of artists and dealers 

  • Payment plans for most works

  • Short-term rentals for  3-5% of purchase price

  • Rental credit towards purchase

  • Delivery and installation service

​​Gallery Rental​

Our elegant space is available to rent for special occasions through the Registry Bistro. 


Commercial Leasing

Art media — whether its sculpture, painting, textile, or print — is one of the most efficient and practical means of expressing your firm’s culture and image.  


We can help you find works that fit your business and your budget without sacrificing quality. No more "making do" with mass produced, lifeless decor. 

Our leasing packages include regular rotation of works, delivery, installation,and upkeep. (For many businesses, art leasing costs are tax deductible.) 


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