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In Step

Erin Garber-Pearson

May 17 - June 16,  2018

Gallery 6

In her first solo exhibition with River House Arts, interdisciplinary artist and educator Erin Garber will be presenting a series of drawings, sculptures, video and performance about walking, embodiment and the art of journeying great and small. 
Garber’s interests encompass metal fabrication, video, costume-making and a range of circus arts.  She received her Masters in Sculpture from the University of Arizona and is a former Instructor of Foundations Art at Bowling Green State University.  Erin completed the Aloft Full Time Training program in Chicago where she specialized in Tightwire and Aerial Rope. 
In 2012 Garber founded the Birds Eye View Circus studio in her current home, Toledo, Ohio. She teaches various circus arts to youth and adults, while directing, choreographing, and producing full-length shows in the beautiful domed theater of the Collingwood Art Center. She continues to recruit artists of all backgrounds into her art and performance schemes.


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