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Erin Endicott

The multiplicity of meaning in the Sanskrit word, “Sutra”— referring to thread or sewing, to rules and rituals of life, to simple teachings or aphorisms in a time before the written word—perfectly reflects the import of Erin Endicott’s Healing Sutras. In this series of challenging and sometimes disturbing pieces, contemporary embroidery on antique fabrics is her vehicle for exploring the female experience through countless generations.  

Endicott has a BFA in textile design from Moore College of Art and was apprenticed with Waterlily Weavers in Coldstream, Scotland. Her work has found ready audiences in galleries and juried exhibitions across the country and in Europe. In 2010 the New Jersey artist was Awarded Best in Show in the Fiber Art International, the Pittsburgh triennial, for Healing Sutra #3.

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