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Sandra Jane Heard       



May 9 - June 27



In 17 new sculptural works, Heard continues to explore the human condition with a keen eye towards the relationships that have imperiled our planet. Composed of found or “re-appropriated” materials and an innovative blend of traditional craft and textile techniques, her three-dimensional narratives expose our discord with Nature and with each other.

Her observations may be sharp, but by her expert hand and careful attention to form, symmetry and balance, these sculptures are as elegant as they are incisive.


Heard is a resident of Perrysburg, Ohio and she credits her Toledo area community for refueling her creativity, her artistic career, and her hopes for a healthy, sustainable world. In her adopted home, the UK born artist sees “a former industrial power battered and weathered by time but still exhibiting hints of its former self and offering a simmering chance of renewal.”


Since her last exhibition at River House Arts in 2010, Heard’s work has been juried into more than a dozen regional, national, and international exhibitions. Her most recent awards include the 2013 Evansville Museum Guild Purchase Award (for her entry in the 43rd Mid-States Crafts Exhibition) and the 2013 Fiberarts International Director’s Award by The Society for Contemporary Craft and the The Pittsburgh Center for the Arts.  In Spring 2014, the artist is featured in Surface Design, a quarterly publication of the international Surface Design Association.


Heard is a graduate of Braintree College in Essex, England and the California College of Arts in San Francisco.

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