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Marc Leone

Marc Leone’s commanding, monochromatic Carbon and Crust works are dense, textural explorations of the natural world at its most fundamental level.

Using geologic progressions and features as both model and metaphor, Leone puts process firmly in the foreground of his work. By turns layering and degrading an expanse of canvas with volcanic ash, paint, earth, textiles, found matter, power-tools and acids, the artist labors over the structure until craters, landmasses, magma-like scars emerge from the black.  In tones ranging from a cold ashen matte to a luxurious, almost biomorphic gloss, the resulting works are profound reflections of our collective origin.  

In his Crater series, Leone’s approach is slightly more restrained. Still very much process oriented, these works of paper and graphite are luminous and ethereal, suggestive of the celestial.

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