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Some helpful tips, links, and resources for the emerging (or re-emerging) artist. 

There are thousands of websites and publications designed to help artists navigate through the business of selling their art. Here are a few to get you started. 

Pricing your art  


Is there anything more daunting or complex than pricing your artwork? Probably not.  Still, it's a necessary task that artists and galleries both dread.  This little tip sheet, cribbed from a presentation given by Alix Sloan to MFA students at the New York Academy of Art, makes the pricing process a little less complicated.   Prior to opening her namesake galleries,  Sloan Fine Art and Sloan Fine Art Projects in New York, Alix Sloan was the director of La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles. She's worked with emerging and established artists for more than 20 years.  Basically -  she knows her s*&#t.  

The Logic of the 50/50 Split (aka the gallery commission)


One of the most difficult aspects of the gallery/artist relationship is the commission split. Edward Winkleman, a tireless advocate for artists and one of the most well-respected gallerists in the U.S. today, takes a hard-eyed look at the realities and the necessities of this long-standing financial arrangement.


When it comes to offering helpful, career-advancing-insider-advice to the serious artist, Alan Bamberger is one of the very best.   Read him and believe.  

(If you've been having trouble with your artist statement - and even if you haven't - be sure to check out Bamberger's take on the subject.)

Jerry Saltz interview on Longform Podcast
hard truths and great advice from the critic-for-the-masses 
Jerry's essay for the ages


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