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Andrei Rabodzeenko's painting convey present-day concepts and ideals through the artistic conventions of an earlier age.  Though his “masterwork” series represents a stark departure from the more contemporary art forms and media he’s been exploring since 1991, when he emigrated from Russia to the U.S., his change in direction isn’t entirely surprising. In addition to his lifelong fascination with the Renaissance, as a Russian-trained architect and designer, his education was deeply rooted in the age, as well as classical antiquities and Russian Iconography.


Born in Kyrgyzstan, Andrei trained at the Benkov School for the Arts in Tashkent, Uzbekistan and the Mukhina Leningrad Academy of Art (now the Stieglitz St. Petersburg State Academy of Art).   His work has been shown in Europe, Canada, Russia, the U.S. and the U.K. and can be found in private collections across the globe.  

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