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Exhibitions are at the heart of Contemporary Art Toledo’s program.
They are the portal through which we can experience, contemplate, and interpret contemporary art and culture. Giving us a snapshot of the “here and now”.  
Our exhibition goals are two-fold:
1) We showcase works by emerging and mid-career artists who are gaining wider recognition within the art world but have not yet engaged with a Toledo audience;
2) We exhibit work by area artists who are seeking to advance their ideas and practice in ways that may not conform to the local commercial marketplace.




Professional Development for regional artists is a top priority. Achieving success across geographic boundaries is difficult for artists who can’t demonstrate recognition or support from cultural institutions in their own backyard.  By providing opportunities for public exhibitions, as well as participation in public talks, panels, workshops, and residencies, (important accomplishments on a working artist’s resume) Contemporary Art Toledo helps local artists gain a critical advantage as they seek to advance their careers.  We also provide full documentation of these activities, including high quality photographs of installations and exhibitions.


Finally, and perhaps most importantly, CAt facilitates connection and exposure of artists to individuals and audiences who can offer critical evaluation and feedback on their work, including academics, curators, arts writers, colleagues, and collectors.



Involving community is essential to the success of Contemporary Art Toledo.   Providing opportunities for artists and audiences to experience and engage with contemporary art and each other in ways that deepen what it means to be a citizen of the world is our ultimate goal. 
In addition to promoting exhibitions in venues that can reach individuals who are underserved and underrepresented within the current arts-consuming public, we are seeking to develop an Artist-in-Residence program. The program will allow talented creatives from other locales to work directly and collaboratively with area artists and art students, along with members of the public.


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